Two Aussie blokes riding their BMW R1150GSs from Australia to Europe

A test pack and ride – less than a week to go!

It seems pretty surreal – there’s less than a week before we hit the road! And after doing some serious mechanical work to the bikes last weekend we thought we’d better jump on the bikes and test the waters whilst there’s still time to make changes; firstly to see how all the gear we intend to carry packs onto the bikes, and secondly (and probably more importantly) to see how the bikes run after all the work that’s been done to them.

2016-01-17 at 11-38-05

We were both surprised to learn that we each had more room left in our panniers – of course there were a few things that we didn’t pack today, but I’d guestimate that we were each carrying about 85% of our final luggage. It’s lucky that we did get out on the road too, as Drew found a large crack appearing in the outer of one of the screws on my bike’s drive shaft – thankfully there’s still a week to get it fixed!

The Youtube video is from the new headset we bought that has a camera built in, a Sena 10C – not only can you see what we’re looking at, but also hear the meaningless banter that we waffle as we ride. Enjoy!


  1. Glenn Newnham

    Camera looks great James. Looking forward to following the adventure ahead! cheers Glenn

  2. Valentin-Norbert Tarus

    Good luck guys!
    It looks everything works properly ….communication system SENA 10 give us the feeling we share the drive with you! … sound could be more clear although it is hard to get the clear content of your ‘aussie dialect’ even when sitting beside you ( especially refers to Drew ! ….sorry!! )
    Countdown continues ….. ValentinTarus

  3. Tim Collet

    I wonder if the police can arrest drew after watching this….?

  4. Tom

    Loving that exceptional camera work from you Jimmy (and beautifully peppered with the occasional bout of swearing), and of course, Drew’s mono! Exciting stuff gents!

  5. Kevin

    Hey guys, I saw you all at Sussex Inlet today having your brekky. Had a good look at the bikes and found your web page. I love what you guys are doing and I’m very jealous. I’m inspired to jump on my bike and head out. Good luck on your journey!
    Kevin Bryant

    • jamesashton

      Thanks for looking us up & for your positive support Kevin! Don’t let that inspiration escape you!

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